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Podcast 31: Nelson Mandela Used These 3 Principals

No Bloody Insurrections in Apartheid Because of Principals Used With My Guest’s father and Desmond Tutu in So. Africa

Podcast (Audio Only)

In this episode Joanne Williams, LCSW discusses with Simon Chadwick a South African born, British educated, American citizen. Grew up as the son of a prominent anti-apartheid activist, lived in two totalitarian societies so African and Kenya and sees it happening in the USA. He has a Career as CEO in Italy, UK and USA. Owner of a firm of management consultants. Intensely interested in and concerned about politics and society in modern-day America.

His book ‘For the People:  A Citizen’s Manifesto to Shaping Our Nation’s Future’  A guide to start a conversation to heal American divisions.

So today we focus: Solutions for building a safer more secure society to reduce our common anx.  While creating a shared reality that we all want to live by.

Summary of today Podcast: 

  1. The basic contract that exists in a democracy that we hold dear that we may have forgotten we do have to work from
  2. How fragile this contract can be when authoritarianism takes hold
  3. How authoritarian rulers all have a psychopathology that drives their need to be right and a mindset that is a challenge to their very core self that needs to be protected at all costs.
  4. How fear can be used to divide us, but security unites us.

Question for today is? How to open up conversations between democrats and Republicans and Americans to have a common reality. American Tribes and same values

Simon Chadwick shared his life story of a Living in So. Africa, where his father was clergy, jailed and exiled for working with Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu for apartheid justice.

Simon wrote his book as a guide to not allow what happened in South Africa happen in America, as he saw the red flags of authoritarian rise since 2015.

In  a democratic society, there is a social contract between government and electors: government provides a framework of security in return for payment of taxes and observance of reasonable laws so that all can be long and thrive. “Security” derives from the Latin word “securitas”, which can be translated as “freedom from fear”. In modern society, fear (or anxiety) is not just something that is physical. It can relate to economic anxiety, ill health, lack of education and opportunity, the environment (small and large), and security in old age. It can be rooted in discrimination and oppression. The social contract requires an equitable framework for all people – government “of the people, by the people, for the people”.

This Social contract between the government is missing the safety net so that the American people can live within the framework of security that the government is supposed to hold sacred for the people to be able to go to work and pursue happiness. It has broken down, since the loss of labor unions, no more pensions, or health benefits and good enough paying jobs to own a home or keep in business.

In America a real safety net has been eroding for the last 50 years, since President Ronald Reagan.  It was about Individualism-pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, it is the individual’s fault, if they don’t have a job or pension. Many disenfranchised workers, that lost their good union jobs in steel, manufacturing, car industry were left out to dry, without re-training or finding better jobs.  They watch their jobs go over seas for lower waged jobs to replace them.  There have been years of a slow decline of mostly white males losing jobs, status and they may feel resentment and angry and want someone to blame.

They may blame the government or someone that has been more disenfranchised for longer than them, black and brown people they can again beat up and feel superior too. 

Then on Jan. 6th, 2021 there were white supremacists invading the US capital in the name of the President of the US. Who is someone admired for his power, and willing to do everything he can to keep his power.

The last 20 years the republican party policies have been more toward more authoritarian rule.   Part of why that works is that someone will take care you. Anxiety is a product of insecurity. We all need and seek security so that, ultimately, we can belong and succeed. Look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

What can we do as Americans to restore our Democratic ways:

  1. One way is to listen to know the disenfranchised person’s story. Listen and ask questions to understand their story, not to change their mind, but to understand. Present another side with facts.

Use these 3 Principals:

3 Principals that Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu used in So. Africa in apartheid to have a peaceful transition of power.

  1. Always use Nonviolence means
  2. Always stick together. Other countries step in to boycott and pressure the country
  3. Always Speak from Love
  4. Be involved and speak up and use your voice
  5. Find ways to restore belonging and Unity, with your neighbors and family members who disagree.
  6. Focus on solutions for increased consciously awareness turning away from it only about me, to us mentality.  Understanding that we at a cross point.
  7. Commit to a shared reality of what we want as a country. Democracy of the many decide the rules and laws, or autocratic ruler wants few to have power.  You must pick a side.

All anti-social personalities or Psychopaths need someone to say no to them. Like any bully they need someone to stand up to them.

If you see any of these behaviors, beware and see it as a red flag.

There are Psychopathic tendencies, one sturdy found, in 20% of our Corporate leaders.

A Psychopath has a need to protect their beliefs, that they are right at all costs, they want power to the few, politician and corporation instead of the people in the republic with building more labor unions and policies that support basic human rights, like health care, voting rights, nondiscrimination of all types of people, including immigrates, who are the backbone of our country and have always been?

Psychopathic tendencies they can feel Threatened- first response is to blame. This is a defense against feeling they have a part in this issue. 

There are women leaders in the world that have done a good job with Covid 19 like New Zealand, Finnish countries, where they have more Social conscious awareness.

Simon Chadwick book is: For the People: A Citizen’s Manifesto to Shaping Our Nation’s Future At:

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Podcast 30: Stress to Relaxed in 90 Seconds

Stress Effects our Health and Life Quality

Podcast (Audio Only)

The Best Stress Relief

In this episode the Renowned Orthopedic surgeon DR. S K RAMESH has worked as a surgeon for thirty-six years now works to awakening awareness energies. He teaches workshops on these techniques, specializing in Age Management and the science of Youthful Aging.

We will Look through the perspective of the A.C.E method.  Awareness. Conscience and Energy.  We will have a laid-back Experiential Surprise as Dr. Ramesh shows his A.C.E method on a guest. And takes us through his ACE process. We will have a conversation and I will ask questions as they come up within the experiential treatment on our show today. 

Dr. Ramesh says Anyone can use his practical ways on any state stress/ anxiety/pain to bring its natural state back in balance.

DEPROGRAM YOURSELF to become your own healer, Master the art of letting go.


  1. The steps in the A.C.E method
  2.  Experience the resolution on a guest as it Happens for the Listener
  3. Hear the Story of Understanding Dis-Ease to Ease
  4. Scientific Explanation of The Solution as it Unfolds.

Dr. Ramesh tells us how medical techniques couldn’t help the pain of his wife’s Rheumatoid Arthritis.  He started his own journey to find a way to help her.   

He found that within each of us is the answers, but he shares his wisdom and outcome of his process ACE that you can use now yourself.

We watch as he transformed our guest Gary, with Attention Deficient and Post Traumatic Stress DO with a foggy brain through levels of his mind relaxing 50 %  within 5 min. and with him having less thoughts, his emotions were released with tears,  his body felt lighter and full of joy using his ACE method.

Use Guided Mediation For Stress Relief

After Dr. Ramesh started seeing the results of his A.C.E method with his wife, the scientist in him had her do EEG, brain scan and blood work and they all showed a decrease in the markers for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). And she still has no signs of RA today

Dr. Ramesh then described how stress goes into the Physical body and creates dis-ease or disease. His A.C.E method can help anyone ready to take on the responsibility for their own health journey. 

Dr. Ramesh does a treatment on Gary, we were able to watch, a willing participant with brain fog, and in 90 seconds went through the A. C. E. process and Gary could feel the brain fog cut in half and he felt more joy and less thoughts.

His ACE method can used in a daily exercise in as little as 9-90 second exercises in your daily life and use it for a stressless life.

The steps are measurably and repeatable.

Practice 3 times every day or when needed.  

Find out more with Dr. S.K Ramesh he also has a book on his ACE method of lowering stress at

Join our DAILY FREE workshop now! at

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Podcast 29: Service Dog Training For Panic Attacks

Podcast (Audio Only)

5 benefits of Training a Psychiatric Service Dog

new regulation by the DOT

Summary of todays Podcast:

1. Changes for Emotional support animals and airline travel

  1. New rules for Airlines travel with a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD)
  2. Who and How to qualify for a PSD
  3. Service Dog Training
  4. Ways Psychiatric Service dog help with Panic Attacks and PTSD and depression

Question of the day is: What is the only question that a person can ask someone to determine if they have a psychiatric service dog?

I was so relieved when I found out about having my cute little furry Emotional support Animal (ESA) fly with me by federal laws for airlines. I could take my dog with me and have him on my lap, if I had a letter from my therapist stating I need my dog to fly with me because I have anxiety, I can take him with me.  That is no longer the case now.  This is a big loss for many to be able to take your furry friend with you.

The 2 laws are for airline travel and housing and they have been around for a long time:

  1. For Housing-The Fair Housing Act.1973- FHA was enacted 47 years ago for people with a disability, physical, or emotional to have their animal with them in housing and to not be discriminated against. There are no changes to this law.
  2. For Air Travel- the Air Carriers Access Act (ACAA) 1986-enacted 3 years ago. Enables you to bring an animal, mostly dog or cat on the plane with you. To Be on your lap the entire flight, or at your feet outside of a carrier. 

12-2-20 the Department of Transportation has changed the regulations. No more ESAs on planes, they are considered pets.  But date when this will take effect.

The new Classification is a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD). Up to 2 dogs, but only dogs, no other kind of animals. They must meet more stringent requirements and a DOT form is needed to the completed attesting by penalty of a felony that your dog is “trained” to perform a task that helps you with your psychological symptoms.  The person can train the dog themselves or have a professional train them or the animal could have intuitively trained themselves to recognize and respond and alleviate the client’s psychological symptoms.

For example, Training for a Psychiatric Service Dog for Panic attacks, the dog might notice when you are starting to get anxious, even before the you do. The dog must respond, for instance, comes over and licks at you, or puts him head in your lap and this alerts you to your rising anxiety before it escalates to a panic attack and this calms you down, this would be an example of being trained to perform a task.

Or training for a Psychiatric Service Dog for depression could be that the dog lick or paws at you to wake you up, since one of the symptoms of depression can be sleeping to much and you dog comes and gets you out of bed, that is trained to do a task.

The examples could go on and on for all the different ways a dog could be defined as a PSD.

Here are more examples:

  • Helps Calms you from having a more severe panic attack
  • Takes you out of an overwhelming situation from PTSD triggers
  • Calms you in crowds by being a barrier between you and others
  • Brings you back from dissociative state
  • Gets between you and others to provide space
  • Nudges you to keep moving in social situations or crowds
  • Helps to get you out of bed, when depressed or helps you overwhelm state
  • Licks your face to calm or bring you back to reality
  • Lays on you when having panic attack to apply pressure
  • Comes to calm an Autistic person before an episode worsens

5 benefits of have a certified PSD is that they can go with you into

  1. Public places
  2. Stores, Hotels
  3. Restaurants
  4. Fly in a plane with you in the cabin, within your space with no fees
  5. Be in no pet house, without weight or breed restrictions or pet rents.

If you believe your animal helps you with one of the above. Then you are prequalified for next step to get a certified PSD.

If you want to get a certified PSD by a mental Health professional, then an evaluation of your symptoms and need for one is the next step. For Housing this may be required.  Many clients want the certification by me as a Licensed Mental Health Professional with my specialty of certifying for an ESA or a PSD to receive an Official letter or a Photo ID certifying that they meet the law.   This way clients with anxiety are relieved to have the paperwork and not be questioned.

By the law the only question that can be asked is How is your dog trained to help you with a task? Or what task is your dog trained to help you with.   On our PSD letters and ID’s that wording is written directly on it, so that there is not question what can be asked.

Mental health Service Dogs, Service dogs for panic attacks, Psychiatric service animal, Psychiatric Support Dog. Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD) are just some of the names of a new class of Service animal that is born out of the changing for emotional support animals that a announced on Dec. 2, 2020 for airline travel.

If you are interested in more information or if you have questions you are welcome to call us at 760-485-6785 or go to

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Podcast 28: 5 Ways to Trick Your Brain into Achieving Your goals

Achievable, Believable, Goal Making for 2021

Podcast (Audio Only)

“Say yes to your Passions and No to Everything Else”  

Summary of today Podcast:

  1. Why have we stopped dreaming?
  2. Join my breakthrough the Social anxiety course to feel in control and confident to know how and what to say to get what you need.
  3.  5 Tricks to motivate you towards your goals

       Question for today is? “What’s the one thing you can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Why don’t we dream anymore?  Or why did we stop dreaming?  When was the last time you spent time, just imagining- Imaging-seeing-creating thinking about our goals, wants and dreams?  I believe because someone said get real, get your head in the game and stop that daydreaming all the time.  Maybe some truth to that we are really avoiding our everyday dull humdrum life by imagining a better life instead of working on one. Maybe that is why we have the New Year’s tradition at least once a year. Dream again.

I remember imagining I would be a physiotherapist as a kid.  I would help people walk again. I thought it was a cool name to say and the thought of helping people really resonated with me.   Do you remember your first dreams, the classic fireman or nurse?  All helping professions.   There is something inside us that is yelling to get out.  When did that voice quiet down for you? Or do you still hear it yelling out to you to achieve it now? 2/3 of people were found to not be engaged in their work. 

Think about it.  What if you chose this year to actualize a dream to feel success at something that really matters to you?  If 2020 showed us anything that life can change in an instant and never be the same again.   Take some time to think about what is important to you.

Join my Social Anxiety Simplified-Confidence Builders 6 week course using 3 powerful strategies to know what to say and how to say it with confidence while being heard and respected in social interactions. Find the relationship of your dreams, know how to ask for that raise.  Have the confidence to go for that career you always wanted. More at

Listen to the profound Jim Rohn, the late personal development legend. Rohn said something that left me stunned, says Ayodeji Awosika In his article Use the ‘5-Year Rule’ to Create the Future You Want A proven process for building your dream life

Rohn believed that whatever it is you want to do to change your life — start a business, build a brand, master a skill, or create an amazing network — you could do it in the span of five years.  “Five years doesn’t seem like a ton of time,”

So, in that moment he thought that 5 years was doable and seemed reasonable to commit to.  Where will you be in 5 years? Either way you will be doing something, why not focus on what you really want to create.  Let’s look at some actually proven things you can do.

The part of my formal psychological training kicked in to realize that with positive reinforcement and repetition creates success, which creates more positive reinforcement of liking the good feelings that success creates with that strong commitment to continue and then the belief is created, that I can achieve something once I put these elements together. That is using brain science to motivate us to reach our goals.   I have used this method to counsel 1000’s of my clients unknowingly that this was the pathway that inspires us to reach our goals and have now created a fun way to achieve goals.

The components had to start within each of us for a life purpose and meaning to life.  That is what brings us happiness and excitement.  ½ of people were found to be unhappy with their careers.  Is that you? 50%??

If you are ready to make some changes here are some things you can start today to use:

3 questions to ask yourself to get you going and in the Success Zone I call it.  

Find out what is not right for you?  Write these down.

  1. What am I good at? Or what are my strengths? What comes Naturally to me? Ask trusted friends or family.
  2. How do I learn the best? Quietly, alone, in a Team? Under stress. How can I focus the easiest?
  3. What are my norms and values that are critical I keep? They must match which ever path I take.

So, there is an element of time and persistence to make this goal come true. If you use those five years wisely, you can come out the other side of them exactly where you want to be. Here’s how to commit to the process.

Spend your first 90 days working on your new skill or path with reckless abandon. You’ll get a sense of what success looks like as you make progress, but more important, you’ll figure out whether or not you actually enjoy the thing you’re doing. If it turns out not to be a great fit, you can quit after 90 days without having wasted much time.

An alternative is to use the Rule of 100: Do something 100 times to get good at it. Write 100 blog posts. Shoot 100 videos (something I recently accomplished with my new YouTube channel), record 100 podcasts, pitch 100 potential new clients. Don’t focus on making each one perfect; just focus on doing your thing, over and over. At the beginning, it’s a volume game.

Research shows that it takes, on average, 66 days to form a new habit to do something for 66 days or 6,000, but you’ll never make a change if you don’t have a good reason. What drives change? Pain or pleasure. At some point, you simply can’t stand your current behavior or situation, and you need to do something about it. Move away or towards something new.

The habits I adopted as a result may seem like small improvements, with insignificant daily returns. But because

What is behind this goal.  Are you moving away from something painful or toward something exciting and has a passion driving you??

You choose.  Take the time to really look at this, either direction will get you there.  Did you procrastinate at school, so you had the pressure to get it done?  Or were you ahead of needing it done, so you did not feel the pressure or pain?   You need to know yourself. Which drives you?

How could we possibly be excited about a new life purpose.  From Darius Foroux, article, “Say yes to your Passions and No to Everything Else”.

Set three daily priorities

This is one of the best productivity strategies there is. Focus is what leads to results. It’s the thing that will bring you closer to achieving your short- and long-term goals. But how do you focus when your days are filled with endless distractions? By limiting your options. Each morning be clear with yourself about what you want to achieve. Then commit to completing three or four small, but essential, tasks — anything beyond is a bonus.

Push through the suck

In the beginning, you won’t be very good at the new skill you’re trying to learn or the path you’re trying to forge. You might just be trying to survive. Most people quit in this phase. Don’t be one of them. Why? Because one day, you won’t just get a little better and become a little more successful—you’ll be much better and experience a lot more success. This is where you desire for the outcome MUST be stronger than the suck factor.  What is your desire that you MUST reach?

Check off with your progress everyday, every 7 days and reward yourself at 30 days 3 months 9 months 18 months.

Your rewards will make this doable, if they are big enough to keep you going, but easiest enough to not make it a big deal.  This is where the brain science kicks in and it works to get reinforced even by simple things can hit our dopamine button in our brain for that little hit that will keep us feeling good, as we move towards a goal.

Even a gold star or a check mark, if that makes you feel accomplished and on the right track.  Rewards are a must, just like a paycheck, is necessary to keep us in the game.

This is a piece of advice from reading Peter Drucker, author of Managing Oneself: Use 18-month benchmarks to track your overall progress. This length of time is long enough to give you enough data, but not so long that you create unrealistic goals.

If you lose your way, remember The One Thing

The One Thing by entrepreneur Gary Keller teaches a simple rule to help you stay focused and productive: Ask yourself the question, “What’s the one thing you can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” You can use this system to reverse engineer long-term goals into actionable goals and key performance indicators to work on in the short to intermediate term.

When you break things down to the present moment and focus on the immediate future, you’ll look up five years later to see that you’ve achieved a level of progress even you didn’t think possible. Your skills compound, like an investment account. But first you have to start.

This can take some trial and error or time to cement what is just right for you. But, Critical to get into the Success Zone.

What are you ready for this new year.  Write down the 3 questions: What are my strengths? How do I learn or achieve in the best way?  What are my values that are a necessity to have to feel the accomplishments feeling I am looking for. 

If your old thought patterns are the reason that you give up or aren’t finding your niche yet.  Maybe its time to reach out for some help.  Or find an accountability coach or join a course that can help you with that clearing out the doubts between your ears.

I will be starting a new goal this January with a goal focused course that has steps for the achievable believable goals to reach, using brain science to motivate you to the finish line of mission accomplished and there is no better feeling than reaching a goal and feeling successful, no matter how small.  You can find out more at

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Our next podcast: Dr. S.K. Ramesh shares his ACE method of increasing of conscious awareness with a 90 second unbelievable practice that you can feel and see it for yourself.

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