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Podcast 35: Alternative Health to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

How Emotional Health Can be Affected by Lack of Nutrients

Podcast (Audio Only)

In this episode: Joanne Williams, LCSW discusses with Eva Vennari, NC, Nutritional Counselor and Holistic Health Practitioner how our body is involved and affected by our emotional health.

Eva is a formerly sick corporate ladder climber turned holistic practitioner and she works virtually with high performers as their secret weapon to stay in the game without burnout. It's science-based, - no trends, no fads, and no drugs... ever.  Some of things that you thought you knew about health you will want to rethink.

Summary of today Podcast:

  1. What are some hidden physical aspects of the anxiety experience?
  2. Strategies to look at anxiety from a body level and how lack nutrients may be part of the cause?
  3. Why is it more important now than ever to pay attention to your body’s needs?
  4. How we must be taking nutrient supplements even if we eat right?

Question for today is? Is there a complete healing?

Eva Vennari got into the field of nutrition counseling because of her own burnout and health issues, that many listeners, may identify with that when doctors couldn’t find any immediate medical cause and called it psychosomatic and nothing they can do to help. So she started her own research to find the underlying causes of her own immune disorder.  It took her 30-60 days of a nutritional program to start her healing.  She has had phenomenal results with her own healing and now offers this to others.  

If you learn to listen to your body and learn how to give it what it needs you can increase the harmony between you mind and body with natural treatments. Emotional issues, that have bothered you for years, can be released though the physical healing process with the right nutrients.

She described the 4 stages of healing:

  1. The body will only deal with the immediate needs, it must Build up the energy needed first. Survivor first.
  2. Healing process starts with needing to break down what is needed to be healed.
  3. Clear the way of the toxins, parasites, viruses, in layers.
  4. Rebuilding, allowing the bodies natural process of healing to happen with time and patience.

She has scientific methods to analyze the mineral content in your hair with each stage of the healing process to reassess to clarify the needs.

She sees that the clash between the head and the heart is part of the incoherence that causes the dis-ease without recognizing that we are a whole unit that needs to work in conjunction with each part to create the synergy of healing and optimal health

Eva Vennari’s website for more information:

She has her own Podcast: ‘When the Doctors Say I don’t Know’

She is offering a free Chinese Face Reading at this website. You send a selfie, and she will do an analysis.

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Podcast 34: How to Use Superstitions for Your Success

TThe Superstitions that the Super Bowl Quarterbacks Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes use every game

Podcast (Audio Only)

Summary of today : How we use Superstitions in our everyday life

  1. Why do we use Superstitions
  2. Reasons we believe Superstition work?
  3. What are the Superstitions that Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes use

Question of the day is: Do Superstitions work?

Listen for how you can use Rituals and Superstitions like these pros to be a part of the game of a success Life.

As rational as we are as people, we do believe that all things must remain constant to get the same result as some of the most popular superstitions in sport, like for this Super bowl use. Even Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes have their own Rituals and using objects to have things remain constant.  Even as rational people we all might have a favorite something we imagine will bring us Luck.

Yet Albert Einstein said that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Then are using superstitions- that are done over and over again expecting the SAME result, Sanity?

Or can we see that beliefs have strong power. Tiger Woods quote -My mind is my biggest asset. ...

Did you ever have a lucky rabbit’s foot as a child?   I remember having one that my grandfather gave to me and I am sure he spun a wild tale about it and how if I keep it with me, no bad can happen to me.  Then nothing bad happened to me that week. So, I gave the power to the rabbit’s foot as the reason. So why wouldn’t we believe in the power of an object.

There is a placebo effect in research of a medications effectiveness, that their efficacy must reach a higher level than he group that were given a sugar pill to show that the medicine works better than our own imagined beliefs in a sugar pill.

We like the things to stay the same, but is that possible?

I could say the same for Obsessive compulsive disorder.  It lowers people anxiety when they have an urge to have things in a certain order or check the door 3 times before they leave.  It calms their anxiety.

Here are some of the most popular superstitions to team sports:

Wearing their favorite team jersey, t-shirt, benie, cap, pajamas, poncho to the game for luck (some people won’t even wash the pajamas, socks, or even blanket (some people won’t even wash them an entire season afraid they will wash away the team’s luck.) 

How about Wearing certain lucky colors or numbers?

Wearing a team cap in a certain way…cap forward, cap backwards or some even flip their cap from forwards to backwards depending on if their team is ahead or behind at the time.

The list goes on with rituals that fans feel they must do to avoid a catastrophe for their team.

Another interesting superstition AFTER the game has been played, has to do with the stock market. It is believed that if an NFC team wins, the market and economy will do better during the year.

Since I live in the Tampa area and I Love Tom Brady, I am obvious jaded, even if I love watching a young quarterback who is making history in front of our eyes with Patrick Mahomes.

My theory on superstitions is that it gives us a since of inclusion in the game and a sense of control over the uncontrollable.

And biggest of all I think we may understand that success is developing habits that will endure to help us to be successful.

Tom Brady has done unbelievable well, going into the 2000 NFL draft, no one expected great things from Tom Brady. The Patriots selected him 199th overall pick, but the quarterback would Will himself to success.

He started his rookie year as the fourth quarterback on the depth chart but, the same thing he did at Michigan, worked his way into the back-up role. When Drew Bledsoe went down at the start of the 2001 season, Brady was the next man up. He would change NFL history forever. Talking about the G.O.A.T.  Greatest of all Time. Was this luck?

Since THAT first appearance, Brady has led the New England Patriots to six Super Bowl titles; the quarterback has been the MVP for four of those games, and he has done virtually everything you can do on a football field.

Tom Brady’s keys to success: Luck, superstition or hard work?

Throughout his football career, Tom Brady has never been the most physically gifted quarterback. He doesn’t run. A great deal of his success stems from his willingness to work hard and refusal to be anything less than the best.  He is vegan and his diet in his book on why he is able to be the oldest quarter back in the league, he gives credit to his diet. But even he has one lucky charm.

Despite the advances of technology, Brady refuses to change his shoulder pads. His current pair actually dates back to his time at Michigan.

“I’ve worn them for 25 years,” he explained on Quick Slants Podcast. “They’ve gotten reconditioned a little bit, but I think once you find something you like, you kind of stick with it. I’ve always kind of liked the way they felt, the shape of them. People have tried to put me in a lot of other ones.”

For this quarterback, the familiarity means that he doesn’t have to think about anything besides his passes. “I’ve been wearing the same thing for, you know, forever,” he said. “You gets used to one thing, one feel.” Given his success, no one can blame Brady for keeping things the same.

One year ago, Patrick Mahomes was one of many quarterback prospects, forced to endure and endless array of visits, drills and offseason activities in the hopes of being drafted by an NFL team.

He was asked about his emotions of last year?  He said that “This year is so much more relaxed. I get to enjoy things, much more compared to before where you’re just trying to get drafted. I wasn’t necessarily nervous, but I was just very focused. Like I said, it was all business. I was kid, but as I grew up and started really falling in love with football, I focused solely on that.

Ever since those days, have you developed any pre-game rituals at all? Mahomes said “I don’t necessarily have any pre-game rituals, but I’ve worn the one sleeve in every single game I’ve ever started. That’s pretty much the only superstitious thing I do.  It goes all the way back to my junior year of high school when I first started for the varsity team. I was out there with a single sleeve in Denver when it was only 11 degrees.

Neither of the super athletes were successful by wishing it to be so, or using superstitions, they develop success habits.

What I am taking away from Brady and Mahomes, is that Brady “willed” his way to success with hard work and always doing his best, and Mahomes loving the game and completely obsessed and focused on it.

What both of these super stars have in common is a will to win. Superstition or not, they have developed daily skills that have worked to get to the level of success that they have developed.

But, they both keep a lucky charm with them just in case.   I think it is the feeling of success of having the lucky charm with them, it is the emotion of confidence that the charm gives them. 

And the reason that we have superstitions, or rituals is to give us a sense of familiar, a sense of confidence and an emotion that we can relate back to a prior success and anchor that feeling of success through that object each time so that it has become part of a success habit and a feeling of security.  Even a blankie as a child serves the purpose of feeling more security and comfort.  We all need that. I hope you can use these as success habits for your life and to have your team win.

Colin Powell, prior Secretary of state: If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception; it is a prevailing attitude. -

If Superstitions are the precursor to repeating daily habits for success, then let us keep the success rituals going in our everyday life.

So instead of doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, how about keep doing the things that drive success over and over again to continue your success. 

And go to our website for more on how to get certified for an Emotional Support or Psychiatric Service Dog today as your Lucky charm!

This is by no means a replacement for therapy of any medical attention if you need it.  Always reach out and take care of yourself or if you are feeling like you want to hurt yourself, there is always someone standing by at 1800-273-8255 or call 911. Remember to Share the Love.

Podcast 33: Dwarfism-Building A Work Environment for People with Disabilities

Dwarfism- Actor Peter Dinklage Quote about Reactions to His Stature in Public

Podcast (Audio Only)

In this episode Joanne Williams, LCSW discusses with Becky Curran Kekula after 1,000 applications. 100 interviews. Four months. Three temporary positions. This may sound like the premise for this holiday season’s new comedy - but it’s not. It is, however, the real-life experience of Becky Curran Kekula, who ended up working behind the scenes in the film industry for the first part of her career.

Becky is an international motivational speaker and advocate for inclusion, who also happens to have dwarfism! She has spoken at over 300 venues such as companies, government agencies, and schools.

She serves as the Director of Disability Equality Index at Disability: IN, as the leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide. Working to empower hiring managers to practice rigorous self-awareness of unconscious biases and related risks in order to enable fair and equitable people decisions, learn how unconscious bias can affect the hiring process. 

Summary of today Podcast: 

  1. What would be helpful for parents to know?
  2. How can the general public increase their awareness in order to be informed of respectful behavior?
  3. What we can do and not assume in the grocery store?

Question for today is? Do you drive and where do you find your clothes? She uses pedal extensions, and she does deactivate the air bags. She goes to regular stores; she buys capris and short sleeves and at times gets alterations.

Becky joins us today.

Advocating for disability /dwarfism inclusion in the workplace. 

Dwarfism is short stature that results from a genetic or medical condition. The average adult height among people with dwarfism is 4 feet.

Becky tells her story and the challenges she faced while trying to enter the workplace. What accommodations did you need?  She worked at a talent agency for 5 years, now she works in corporate America for disability inclusion. At Disability: IN.  She is married for 1 ½ years to a person with dwarfism.  No children currently. Children are possible.

Today we discuss what Becky sees personally in the workplace and ways to Educate and inspire our listeners to actively practice self-awareness and acceptance of differences.

  1. Ways to help in the grocery store? “Ask is there something I can help you with and I’m here if you need anything?  Put it out there that you are willing to help? Don’t assume they can’t do something; everyone wants to feel empowered to take care of themselves.

Discussed a quote from Peter Dinklage an actor who has dwarfism from the Game of Thrones and reactions to his Stature in public.  But, the difference Becky feels as an advocate or voice for empowerment, where Peter Dinklage, wants his work to speak for him, not his stature.

She suggests for parents to find a specialist, Little people of America., for medical or social Support. Or find a trusted nonprofit program to improve lives, “Helping with pride more than fixing the conditions.”

The verbiage some people with Dwarfism do not prefer is using the word midget,  Some find it offensive. Seeing everyone as an individual not as one specific attribute. 

Becky has a special offer to our listeners today a Virtual speech presentation.

She can be reached at:

Resources or References:

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Podcast 32: Nelson Mandela Used These 3 Principals-Part 2

No Bloody Insurrections in Apartheid Because of Principals Used With My Guest’s father and Desmond Tutu in So. Africa

Podcast (Audio Only)

In this episode Joanne Williams, LCSW discusses with Simon Chadwick a South African born, British educated, American citizen. Grew up as the son of a prominent anti-apartheid activist, lived in two totalitarian societies so African and Kenya and sees it happening in the USA. He has a Career as CEO in Italy, UK and USA. Owner of a firm of management consultants. Intensely interested in and concerned about politics and society in modern-day America.

His book ‘For the People:  A Citizen’s Manifesto to Shaping Our Nation’s Future’  A guide to start a conversation to heal American divisions.

So today we focus: Solutions for building a safer more secure society to reduce our common anx.  While creating a shared reality that we all want to live by.

Summary of today Podcast: 

  1. The basic contract that exists in a democracy that we hold dear that we may have forgotten we do have to work from
  2. How fragile this contract can be when authoritarianism takes hold
  3. How authoritarian rulers all have a psychopathology that drives their need to be right and a mindset that is a challenge to their very core self that needs to be protected at all costs.
  4. How fear can be used to divide us, but security unites us.

Question for today is? How to open up conversations between democrats and Republicans and Americans to have a common reality. American Tribes and same values

Simon Chadwick shared his life story of a Living in So. Africa, where his father was clergy, jailed and exiled for working with Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu for apartheid justice.

Simon wrote his book as a guide to not allow what happened in South Africa happen in America, as he saw the red flags of authoritarian rise since 2015.

In  a democratic society, there is a social contract between government and electors: government provides a framework of security in return for payment of taxes and observance of reasonable laws so that all can be long and thrive. “Security” derives from the Latin word “securitas”, which can be translated as “freedom from fear”. In modern society, fear (or anxiety) is not just something that is physical. It can relate to economic anxiety, ill health, lack of education and opportunity, the environment (small and large), and security in old age. It can be rooted in discrimination and oppression. The social contract requires an equitable framework for all people – government “of the people, by the people, for the people”.

This Social contract between the government is missing the safety net so that the American people can live within the framework of security that the government is supposed to hold sacred for the people to be able to go to work and pursue happiness. It has broken down, since the loss of labor unions, no more pensions, or health benefits and good enough paying jobs to own a home or keep in business.

In America a real safety net has been eroding for the last 50 years, since President Ronald Reagan.  It was about Individualism-pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, it is the individual’s fault, if they don’t have a job or pension. Many disenfranchised workers, that lost their good union jobs in steel, manufacturing, car industry were left out to dry, without re-training or finding better jobs.  They watch their jobs go over seas for lower waged jobs to replace them.  There have been years of a slow decline of mostly white males losing jobs, status and they may feel resentment and angry and want someone to blame.

They may blame the government or someone that has been more disenfranchised for longer than them, black and brown people they can again beat up and feel superior too. 

Then on Jan. 6th, 2021 there were white supremacists invading the US capital in the name of the President of the US. Who is someone admired for his power, and willing to do everything he can to keep his power.

The last 20 years the republican party policies have been more toward more authoritarian rule.   Part of why that works is that someone will take care you. Anxiety is a product of insecurity. We all need and seek security so that, ultimately, we can belong and succeed. Look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

What can we do as Americans to restore our Democratic ways:

  1. One way is to listen to know the disenfranchised person’s story. Listen and ask questions to understand their story, not to change their mind, but to understand. Present another side with facts.

Use these 3 Principals:

3 Principals that Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu used in So. Africa in apartheid to have a peaceful transition of power.

  1. Always use Nonviolence means
  2. Always stick together. Other countries step in to boycott and pressure the country
  3. Always Speak from Love

3.Be involved and speak up and use your voice

4.Find ways to restore belonging and Unity, with your neighbors and family members who disagree.

5.Focus on solutions for increased consciously awareness turning away from it only about me, to us mentality.  Understanding that we at a cross point.

6.Commit to a shared reality of what we want as a country. Democracy of the many decide the rules and laws, or autocratic ruler wants few to have power.  You must pick a side.

All anti-social personalities or Psychopaths need someone to say no to them. Like any bully they need someone to stand up to them.

If you see any of these behaviors, beware and see it as a red flag.

There are Psychopathic tendencies, one sturdy found, in 20% of our Corporate leaders.

A Psychopath has a need to protect their beliefs, that they are right at all costs, they want power to the few, politician and corporation instead of the people in the republic with building more labor unions and policies that support basic human rights, like health care, voting rights, nondiscrimination of all types of people, including immigrates, who are the backbone of our country and have always been?

Psychopathic tendencies they can feel Threatened- first response is to blame. This is a defense against feeling they have a part in this issue. 

There are women leaders in the world that have done a good job with Covid 19 like New Zealand, Finnish countries, where they have more Social conscious awareness.

Simon Chadwick book is: For the People: A Citizen’s Manifesto to Shaping Our Nation’s Future

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